My 8,344th Day


While I served 26 years in prison, I read books to learn how to serve time productively. The Russian author, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, inspired me. To help readers understand a day in a Siberian prison, the author fictionalized the life of Ivan Denisovich. I wrote this book to show readers the strategy I used to make it through a typical day during my 23rd year. It shows how my commitment to preparing for success upon release influenced all my adjustment decisions, from when I woke in the morning until when I went to sleep.

Who Should Read:

People who want a strategy for make it through a challenging time will appreciate this book. The decisions we make each day should relate to the strategy we’ve engineered to overcome a challenge. If a person is going into the criminal justice system, or facing any challenge, that person has a responsibility. Irrespective of the obstacles, the person must create a pathway to prepare for success. This book will show how I used time in prison to prepare for success upon release. The audio/video version includes additional commentary through each of the 15 sections.

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